A little about the writer

Before coming to Christ and for most of my adult life, I had negative views about organized church and the trustworthiness of the Bible. My background is–I grew up Catholic; and was very confused and ignorant about the Trinity. I pictured the Father as a strict supernatural being, and I had no understanding of who the Holy Spirit, nor who Jesus really was or is. Sure, I would pray once awhile, usually when I wanted something, or was suffering, or was in some bad situation. I had no concept of Jesus as our mediator; therefore, in not understanding God as Triune,  I definitely did not know who I was, nor the extent of my depravation, sinful nature, and deceiving heart. And it showed in my life in how I lived.

Reading scripture made me thirst for more, I began reading Bible commentaries, I wanted to know meanings of scripture. So, as I got answers, I had more questions. I came to realize what this world truly is and whose it is; my values, beliefs, and thoughts were changing. Now, I have a different attitude about church and about the Bible, so much so, that eventually I attained a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies. This is huge because I had stopped going to school in my twenties, and hated school. My purpose for returning to school was to learn about God as opposed to being an ignorant believer. It was essential to equip myself so that I can be ready to explain and defend Jesus and why He is the One True God. I now view Catholicism for what it truly is, a false religion. I am not offending anyone, I am offending the Roman Catholic System. Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ only.

My sanctification has nothing to do with what I have done, but rather everything to do with what God has done. It is due to the Holy Spirit’s power restoring grace that I have come to finally learn and comprehend the Trinity. It is because of His grace and mercy and I have made Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord – thank you and I hope this blog helps anyone seeking the truth!

2 thoughts on “A little about the writer

  1. Great testimony! The Roman Catholic Church is a works based religion. There is nothing we do to be saved. God chose us from before eternity. I’m so happy that Holy Spirit worked on you and led you to a deeper knowledge and relationship with God😊


    1. Yes, I will be posting more on the Catholic church in later posts and how they combined Christianity with paganism resulting in twisted truth. I believe the enemy has infiltrated that church system (among others) because that is what he does, imitates God to deceive. Anyway, Society says not to bash other religions, well I say it is not love to withhold the truth about these false religions. The Catholic system is idolatrous and worships others more than Jesus, such as Mary. Mary says in scripture, “My spirit rejoices in God my Savior” (Luke 1:47), she knew she was a sinner. Catholics’ have falsely translated Luke 1:28 as well, to “full of grace” and views Mary as the divine in the place of our Savior Jesus Christ. Shameful

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